Silicon Powder

Silicon Powder

BAIDAO is devoted to be the main supplier of high purity silicon powder in China. Since 1994, we have established BAIDAO Silicon powder Co.,Ltd, mainly producing 3N Silicon powder, 4N silicon powder, 5N silicon powder, solar grade silicon powder, Silicon powder is silicon that has been ground into a finely powdered dust. Depending on the purity of the silicon powder, it can be used for many purposes. It can be sintered, alloyed with metals to harden the mixture, made into microchips, used as a reactant in silicon compounds, or used in glass plasma deposition. Powdered silicon usually is made without any additional elements, but it can be mixed with elements such as carbon or oxygen to create different powders.

Storage Way of Silicon Powder:
silicon powder storage: Store in a cool, dry location away from heat, sparks and open flame. Do not store with oxidizing agents, halogens or acids.

Application of Silicon Powder:
1.Thermal spraying rotary target(Si>99.9%~99.999%)
2.Silicon nitride,silicon carbide and other high temperatureoxidation resistant ceramic(Si>99.9%~99.999%)
3.Cathode materials for lithium ion batteries(Si>99%~99.999%)
4.Widely used in silicone,refractory materials,metallurgical and foundry industry.

silicon powder application: Bonding, Electronic Materials, Powder Technology, Semiconductors, Solar Energy Materials, Porosity, plasma spray silicon powder material, refractories and ceramics
silicon powder purity: 3N(99.9%), 4N(99.99%), 5N(99.999%)

Silicon Powder Pecification






+2000μm ≤ 1%


+425μm ≤ 1%


+100μm ≤ 3%


+75μm ≤3 %


+45μm ≤ 5%


+5μm ≤ 5%

We can customize the size of silicon powder

wax ribbon Industry Silicon Powder
Silicon powder is produced in the electric-arc furnace by the reduction of silica by a carbonaceous reducing agent yielding silicon metal and carbon monoxide gas. Such carbonaceous materials as coke, coal, and wood chip are used.
resine ribbon
High Purity Silicon Powder
silicon powder is a great product for many applications. available supply in different purity levels and particle sizes, processed by high-quality silicon powder, is silver-gray or dark gray with high melting point, good heat resistance, high resistively and oxidation resistance. It is widely used in electronics, metallurgy and chemical industry.
wax/resin ribbon Polysilicon
Polysilicon is a hyper pure form of silicon and is the earth’s second most abundant element. Due to its semiconductor-like material properties, polysilicon is used as feedstock material in most solar energy applications. Polysilicon can be manufactured in two forms depending on the technology used for production, chunk polysilicon or granular polysilicon, with advantages and disadvantages alike.

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